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What To Expect


Performance Assessment
Every athlete is given a Movement & Performance Assessment to help us identify strengths & weakness, and determine where to focus the athlete’s personalized training program to maximize performance. Each athlete will also take a series of baseline tests with our VALD / FusionSport Technology then we can track their progress and improvement with unmatched precision and detail.


Cutting-Edge Technology
Using VALD/ FusionSport SMARTSPEED & SMARTJUMP technologies, our coaches are able to provide unique training programs for athletes based on instant feedback and exceptional accuracy that no cones and stopwatches could ever provide.


Semi-Private Environment
By keeping our class sizes small, our coaches are able to provide maximal attention to each individual and their performance.


***As an added benefit to our athletes, we can meet your athlete at his/her field to run sports specific tests for their respective clubs, college recruiters, etc...Providing them with a report card for recruiters.***


Data Driven Speed & Agility Training

Elite athletes and organizations are using advanced technology to aid in developing performance to get ahead of the competition. Here at Zelos Athletics we use VALD / FusionSport SMARTSPEED Technology to measure athletic performance metrics with unmatched precision. This allows us to accurately track our athlete’s performance and progress over a multitude of drills and exercises to maximize training.


At Zelos Athletics, we know that the surest path to athletic excellence is through rigorous self-knowledge. Our data collecting technology allows our athletes to see all the essential points of their athletic performance. These details are then used to create a comprehensive, athlete-centric training program that can take their game to the next level.

In fact, our facility utilizes the same kind of technology that’s used by professional athletes in Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Soccer and other professional and international organizations!


This data helps us to map the limits of an athlete’s physical performance. Using it, they can play smarter, break through personal barriers, and achieve results they never thought possible.


We can use our VALD / FusionSport Technology for:

  • Straight timing (start to finish with splits)
  • Free timing (splits in any order, such as 300 Yard shuttle or planned agility tests)
  • Multiple Lanes on one control unit (all drills)
  • Programmable Repeated Speed (e.g. Phosphate decrement, intermittent shuttle tests)
  • Reactive Starts/reaction time measurement
  • Reactive Training Drills (Grids, Cuts, Serpentine) including custom reactive protocols
  • Fully automated pacing (Beep Test, Yoyo Test, Multistage Fitness Tests, custom programmable pacing)
  • Standard SMARTJUMP Jump testing (number of jumps or jumps in a given time)
  • SMARTJUMP Jump Training with real-time visual feedback

Force Velocity Profiling

Force-velocity profiling is a simple and inexpensive way to assess an athlete’s force and velocity production capabilities during ballistic tasks such as jumping and sprinting. Through force-velocity profiling, a coach can identify whether an athlete is force- or velocity-deficient during a given movement (e.g. 40 yard sprint), independent of their power capability. Based on the test results, targeted resistance training can then be implemented in order to reduce the athlete’s force or velocity deficiency, and improve their performance on that given task (e.g. 40yd sprint). As a result, force-velocity profiling allows the strength and conditioning coach to tailor their athletes’ programs more specifically by using detailed, objective information.


SMARTSPEED Force Velocity Profiling lets you take this advanced testing to your home field. With our system of portable timing gates to analyze split time results with a sophisticated biomechanical model in order to improve performance.