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Athlete Performance Training: Athlete Performance Training at Zelos Athletics is designed to develop physical performance capabilities for athletes of all sports and levels of experience. By keeping our class sizes small, our coaches are able to provide maximal attention to each individual and their performance. All sessions are conducted with an instructor to client ratio of 4:1. Each athlete will be given a movement screen and performance assessment before beginning the program to help identify strengths & weakness. Each athlete receives a semi-personalized training program designed to develop deficiencies, increase strength and movement proficiency, and injury prevention. Each session will have athlete using FusionSport SMARTSPEED & SMARTJUMP technologies, which allows our coaches to provide unique feedback immediately to the athletes during training. Email us at  or call 508-389-9339 for schedule and pricing information.  For questions about how we’re handling training during this time, please feel free to call or email because class ratios, schedules, and other protocols, etc. have changed. 

Team Training: Our FusionSport technology allows us to bring our training to the field, and work exclusively with your team. We also offer sport specific, personalized strength & conditioning training at our facility, designed by our coaching staff specifically for your team or club. We can even have your team scheduled with your own training time at our facility. Our coaches design each program based on the needs of your team and specific sport. On top of getting elite strength training and speed coaching, your athletes will experience a unique team bonding experience as they work side-by-side in the weight room toward a common goal. All athletes, from captain to third string, will be pushed and held accountable by one another to forge bonds that will translate onto the ice/field/court/other. Email us at  or call 508-389-9339 for schedule and pricing information.

Personal Training: Most training conducted at Zelos Athletics takes place in a small group environment format with a semi-individualized program, but we can also train individuals one-on-one with our staff. This is an excellent option for someone who prefers a 1:1 coaching relationship as their primary form of training or for people with variable schedules – including athletes, executives and stay-at-home mothers. Our trainers personalize your workout so it caters to your individual needs and goals. Email us at email us at  or call 508-389-9339 for schedule and pricing information.

Nutritional Counseling

We are excited to offer Performance Based Nutrition/Nutritional Counselling for every level of activity.  Jules Hindeman is a nationally recognized certified Sports Nutritionist with many years of experience. We’re honored to have her work with us and our clients. Visit her website or speak to any of our Team Members.

Miscellaneous Programs

Back by popular demand!!!

Staying Aware and Safe - Women’s Self-Defense Training: 

Saturday, December 17, 2022

10:00am - 1:00pm

$50 per person


Learn strategies and defense techniques to avoid being victimized. Prepare and have a plan for avoiding a physical attack, cons or scams. Learn to make more educated decisions in your response to unsafe conditions. The lessons and physical moves taught through this program are easy to learn and to apply to real-life situations.                            


** If you attended the training in April and November, this course will refresh your memory as well as build on the skills that you have already learned.**                            


Anyone attending must be at least 13 years of age or older.


Instructor Bio:


Debi Nau

Works with the Framingham Police Department for over 15 years and runs their R.A.D. Self Defense Classes.

Certified R.A.D. Basic + Advanced / R.A.D. Senior / R.A.D. Kids Instructor / Aerosol Defense Instructor / Weapons Defense

3rd Degree Black Belt –Nick Cerio’s Kenpo Karate

1st Degree Black Belt – Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu

2008 Female Youth Instructor of the Year

World Martial Arts Federation – Hall of Fame

AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

“Mossa” Group Power & Group Core Instructor

Yoga / Pilates / Step & Kickboxing Instructor


For more info on the class please contact Anthony Karpouzis at 508-389-9339 or
CLICK HERE or you can enroll in person or over the phone.

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