Talent Identification at Combines & Showcases: VALD / FusionSport’s SMARTSPEED Timing System is the Official Timing System of the CFL combine, and has been the trusted technology utilized at NFL Regional Combines, NBA Draft Combine, and other athlete evaluation events globally. Scouts and Coaches have long used hand stopwatches, which have an accuracy that is limited by the delay between the eye seeing the athlete initiate movement, the brain issuing the command to initiate movement, and finally the finger pressing the start button. Typical reaction time is 0.15 – 0.30 seconds. Now move the scouts 40 yards further away from where the athlete starts and factor in that they also need to attempt to try and stop the clock at the exact moment the athlete crosses the 40 yard line, zipping by at around 20 miles per hour, and it’s no wonder why times always vary from one scout’s stopwatch to the next. Our VALD / FusionSport SMARTSPEED Pro wireless timing system is utilized to provide the most accurate timing possible of any sprint event (as well as combine events like the Pro-Agility, L-Drill, and others). SMARTSPEED timing gates are also placed at the different yard lines in-between to provide split times all in one sprint. Our SMARTSPEED timing systems can be used to capture Fully Automated Time (FAT) at the first motion, when an athlete’s body part leaves the infrared beam or when pressure is released from a start pad, ending the sprint at the exact moment the athlete’s torso crosses the beam at the finish. Our SMARTSPEED timing systems have the added benefit all the results being automatically saved to SMARTSPEED Online, which eliminates the need to type in handwritten times later. We can even provide a detailed report card of the athlete’s individual performance in comparison to others on the same team or event. Contact us today about adding our services to your sports camp event today!