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Contrast Training

We prefer to utilize a variation of contrast training to elicit a higher level of explosive strength and reactiveness in the athletes that train here at Zelos Athletics.

The method is designed to apply more stress on the athletes, provoking greater neurological and physiological adaptations to maximize explosive strength and speed. It works by performing a heavy, multi-jointed exercise followed by a plyometric movement that is biomechanically similar. A heavy set followed by an explosive exercise that is typically deloaded, meaning you can use assistance, or resist the jump. This combination of exercises that are paired together increases the amount of muscle fibers that are recruited to perform a movement, as well as the speed at which those fibers are recruited; bringing about potentiation. For example, the multi jointed lift can be a squat, followed by a box jump. This increases the speed at which your muscles can produce force; leading to an increase in the rate of force development the athlete can produce.


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